“My mom is an independent minded nonagenarian, so when my brother and sisters and I started to consider assisted living for her we did a lot of research. We wanted to be able to assure her that the quality of the caregivers would be high, that the physical facility would be excellent, and to assure ourselves that the total environment would be conducive to maintaining her health at a high level, giving her opportunities for engagement with staff and other residents and a pleasant environment for us to visit. We have found all of that at The Pines: the staff is attentive and caring, and the facility is superior to any others we visited – very new, bright, airy, roomy, with a beautiful dining room and patio and unusual amenities such as a theater for movie watching. Mom has been at the Pines since the middle of 2015, and her health remains good. One of us sees her most every day….. supplementing Pines activities with occasional outings…. and we feel that we made the right decision for her and for us.” — Bill Porter, October 2016, Alexandria, VA


“I just want to thank you so much for your help and support in our latest adventure … My mother was very confused and unable to function at my house … She was too weak to use the bathroom without help – (it  is too small for her wheelchair – and not really comfortable for her) and the effort to be here left her exhausted and, I think, frightened . She wanted to go “home”. Although the trip was exhausting and somewhat disappointing, I was very happy to hear her call The Pines “home”.  The level of care and concern from you and all your staff is remarkable – and a great comfort to me and my family. Of course, she is already forgetting the details of this trip, and is apologizing for “blowing ” her chance to visit… She wants to come again, but I am not sure the outcome would be any different.  I think it’s tough to be 99.”  —Marie Seeger 2016


“I am writing to thank you for the exceptional care you provided my mother over the past few months. Your very friendly and competent staff, attractive facility and flexibility in providing individual attention to her made for a very successful experience! She was nervous about leaving and I’m sure she’ll be knocking on your door again. On behalf of my family, thank you very much!” Dick Warren November 2016 


We could not be happier with my mom’s decision to live at The Pines. She saw it for the first time in the summer of 2016 and it was all she could talk about. She was impressed by the smaller size, the beautiful interior with loads of natural light, and all of the amenities that are fully included with her monthly rent. She has been at The Pines for about a month and our family is so pleased. She is busy and happy! Her health is great and she no longer has to worry about meal prep, caring for a large home, doing laundry, or heading out in traffic to get to the grocery stores. We talk to her every day and see her a few times a week, when she is free! She has joined a book club, done various crafts, exercised daily, enjoyed movies and meeting new people. She even used a putting machine for the first time ever last week! The staff is exceptional, very competent and extremely in tune with the residents. This is a top notch residence that you need to visit if you are thinking of making the move! Polly Will, PIttsburgh, PA and Schelly Kalmanowicz, Clarks Summit, PA