Common Questions

When considering a major life change, questions will arise. We have assembled a list of the questions we hear most often to address some of the uncertainties. Of course, we cannot answer every concern here, and we welcome your interest. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions—we are happy to help! Please call (570) 587-7709 to speak with someone today.

Can we bring our own furniture?

We provide graciously appointed furnished suites at no extra cost. Residents are welcome to bring their own furniture or special decorations for their new home.

How do I know what kind of residence my loved one needs?

The needs of seniors vary greatly. At The Pines, we learn about your loved one’s needs by conducting a thorough assessment and communicating with your loved one’s physician to ensure senior living is the right option.

Once someone is in a senior living community, will they have to move if their needs change?

Many seniors are able to remain in senior living even if their needs change. At The Pines, we can assist in coordinating on-site physical therapy, visiting nurse services, and hospice services.

Are senior living services covered under Medicare?

Senior living is not covered under medicare. Other regularly covered services such as physical therapy and prescription drug benefits are still covered for seniors living in senior living residences.

Are there veterans benefits for senior living?

Yes. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) awards a special monthly pension benefit called Aid & Attendance for wartime veterans and surviving spouses of deceased wartime veterans. This “extra” pension is available to wartime veterans and spouses in senior living communities. This program is available to anyone who meets the identified income and service criteria.

What is Senior Living?

Senior Living – Senior living is an umbrella term for senior communities that include care and assistance with personal needs in a residential environment. (In some states, this term also encompasses assisted living). Senior living offers seniors assistance with the tasks of day-to-day living in a secure, residential community. Senior living communities are staffed by licensed nurses and / or certified nursing assistants 24 hours a day, and offer assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) including bathing, dressing, personal needs, and assistance with medication.

The Pines also includes a secure, memory care neighborhood – the only dedicated memory care in Clarks Summit – for residents with Alzheimers or other memory related impairments. This area is a safe and protected, with its own programming and specially trained staff, designed to offer those with memory impairment maximum independence and safety.

What is Nursing Home Care?

Nursing Home – A nursing home typically provides services for residents who require skilled nursing care and medical supervision 24 hours a day. Nursing homes often have more of a “hospital-like” feel because of the needs of the residents.

What is a Retirement Home?

Retirement Home – A retirement home may refer to apartment complexes with age minimums. It may also refer to a continuing care community, which is a campus that includes various levels of care, usually with a significant buy-in.

Will my loved one have to change physicians?

You are welcome to retain your physician. We will also have suites available on-site for visiting physicians and therapists.

What are some ways to pay for the costs?

Currently medicare or medicaid do not cover personal care expenses. However you may find financial assistance from other sources including veterans benefits or long term care insurance.  Here are links to some outside resources which can provide additional information.

Veterans Benefits information from the US Department of Veterans Affairs

Long Term Care Insurance information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services