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I want to go home!

One of the most heart-wrenching requests for care staff to hear when caring for a resident living with dementia, is “I want to go home!” and it’s also one of the most challenging to navigate.

Beating Spring Allergies

By LeeAnn Rutkowski While we all look forward to the more pleasant weather that marks the beginning of spring, for many individuals, the enjoyable climate comes with a price in the form of seasonal allergies. Sadly, even if you have never experienced seasonal...

Job Well done! Thoughts on task related intervention

By Vince Baglivo, CDP Most of us want to feel useful. We seek to find our place in a world that’s continually changing. We want to feel valued and achieve a sense of purpose that gets us out of bed in the morning. For many of us, it’s the very reason we do what we do....

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